Colorful Emotions

I’ve come to love glamor photography because of the fun and extravagant things you can do with it. Being able to almost become a different person when you do a glamor shoot is what interests me so much. You can take one person put some crazy make-up and costume/dress/suit on and look so fancy when that's not normally what you would wear. It makes that person look at themselves differently and gives them a sense of something they could be and give them more confidence in themselves and for their everyday lives. You can also be wearing the simplest things and create a glamor photo because I believe it's solely based on posing and the photographer's capability of being able to capture what they want their audience to see. 

This was a project I chose to do for my Senior Capstone class at Northern Arizona University. This was done in a studio setting. The idea of this project is to use the colors Red (angry), Orange (creative), Yellow (happy), Blue (sad), Green (envy), & Purple (mysterious). Take two photos of each color in the same outfit and matching makeup look and hairstyle. Also using some artificial light to also match the color outfit and makeup to just give it more of a bolder effect. It's going to be the same outfit but with the different colors so then the idea is that there's not too much going on in the photo and just the focus on hair and make-up.